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Chrissie Mayhew and the Arnac Chesapeakes live on a 17 acre farm on the Hampshire/West Sussex borders where you will see as many horses as dogs. Chrissie’s husband, Bob, is a renowned Western horse trainer and judge, and many American Quarter horses and Paints have been reared and trained on the farm. The Chesapeakes live an enviable life, joining in on the everyday chores around the farm, and can be seen daily trotting alongside the John Deere ‘Gaitor’ as it is driven around the fields or running along when Chrissie rides one of her horses.

All of the Arnac Chesapeakes are bred for good looks, a kind solid temperament, working ability, personality and that true Chesapeake coat that makes them stand apart from other retrievers. The dogs are expected to win in the show ring in the summer months and work hard ‘picking up’ during the winter months. We average four days a week picking up during the pheasant shooting season.

All breeding stock are regularly eye tested, have hips X-rayed, and are genetically tested or of known status by parentage for PRA and DM.

Christine Mayhew, Arnac Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

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