Ryshot Yanks Seastar of Arnac (Mink)

Ryshot Yanks Seastar of Arnac, pet name Mink, was Chrissie’s first Chesapeake, her friend and shadow and a perfect foundation bitch for the Arnac kennel. At that time there were less than ten known Chesapeakes in the UK. The Arnac kennel name was registered in 1977 under Chrissie’s previous name of Lady Spencer-Smith and the first Arnac litter was born later that year.

Mink had five litters and produced lovely puppies that went far and wide, including Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the first Chesapeake in Australia (Ch Arnac Bay Buzzard). Many of the pups provided foundation dogs for other kennels in the UK, including Penrose, Chesepi, Chesabay and Barklands .

Mink was a hard worker

Realising that the UK needed new bloodlines, a male was imported, unseen, from the USA.  Unfortunately he arrived with only one testicle (despite assurances that he had two when he left the USA!) A lesson was learnt and so Chrissie decided to go and find a breeder she could trust with the type of dogs she liked. She found Karen and Ronnie Anderson of Chestnut Hills kennels in Maryland. A puppy was ordered and eventually arrived. This dog, with an amazing coat unlike any seen in the UK before,  grew into the most handsome dog who proved to be an outstanding sire. His name was Chestnut Hills Arnac Drake. Having made his mark in the UK,  Drake later took a brief holiday in his homeland to gain his USA Championship and sire a few litters while he was there.

Chestnut Hills Arnac Drake

The combination of Mink and Drake in just two litters produced outstanding puppies that not only won major awards in the show ring but included the first three Chesapeakes to win awards in UK Kennel Club field trials.

Chrissie has, over the years, imported eleven dogs from the Chestnut Hills kennel in the USA and three from the Doublecoats kennel in Sweden to provide further bloodlines for the UK.

Every dog or bitch bred from has to fulfil her criteria of being a good example of the breed, have an aptitude for work and, most importantly, have a good temperament.

The Arnac family continued with these fresh bloodlines but every Arnac-bred puppy can be traced back to her great foundation bitch, Mink.



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