Hebe at 12 months old

Hebe (Arnac Bay Hebe)  is probably the naughtiest, cheekiest puppy I have ever had! 

Whilst I don’t remember using a kangaroo in my breeding programme, she can certainly jump like one, and her joy and energy when leaping in the air for butterflies, has kept me amused on many a morning. Luckily this energy, tallied with her complete confidence, has put her in good stead in the show ring. Conformation-wise, she is, to me, near perfect and from an early age she was winning under experienced judges of the breed. At just over a year old she already had one CC and one Reserve CC. 
She is clever, bright, and has finally settled down to training. She learns every lesson she wants to learn in a matter of seconds! I just love her enthusiasm for life and fun. 
Hebe at 6 months