Flax (Sh Ch Arnac Bay Flax) is a complete clown. She loves everybody and every other dog. She will make a beeline to  anyone to say hello and is then offended and totally perplexed if they do not speak to her or make a fuss of her! As someone once said, “she is the happiest Chesapeake in the world.”

Out picking up she has the most incredible nose, finds many birds that others have not found, and is totally determined. She is quiet and soft mouthed. Once working, she covers the ground like a spaniel and is determined to carry on until the bitter end, however long and busy the day has been.

Conformation wise, she is my ideal. She fits the breed standard in every way, with the added bonus of being my favourite colour, sedge. Whatever she is doing she can look perfect, she stands still and looks perfect, and then she puts all of that good conformation to use to jump, run and swim, seemingly without effort and looking perfect in the bargain!

Flax gained her show championship in three straight shows before she was two years of age. Since then she has won another six CCs, making her the bitch CC top winner for 2017. In addition, she earned four Best of Breeds to add to them.

Despite a lack of competition training in the field, Flax managed to win the Chesapeake Clubs novice test and place well in other Chesapeake tests … as if to prove her working side!Flax works hard throughout the shooting season

  • Hips 3-2
  • Negative for longhair
  • Genetically clear for PRA
  • Genetically clear for DM

Flax's pedigree