Buoy (Sh. Ch. Arnac Weatherdeck Buoy) is a complete ball of energy and enthusiasm. He never stops wagging his tail, never sulks, and is just a happy, loving dog. At the same time, he is very faithful to me and very keen to learn everything I try to teach him.

James Newton, who handles him in the show ring for me, just loves his attitude. Buoy marches into the ring saying, ‘Look at me guys, aren’t I just the greatest.’ He is a solid ball of muscle and moves beautifully with power and energy. 

Workwise he is a very keen retriever of anything and everything, and regularly collects all plastic bottles littering the beach. In training he is fast out and back, excellent in water and loves his lessons.

I took him out for several days in the 2016 season and he worked well, finding his birds, and gently retrieving them. This year he really stepped up to the job and joined the rest of the picking up team for the whole season. He proved to have a really good nose, a totally soft mouth, and a real enthusiasm for the job. I was very, very pleased with him, especially as he found birds that other dogs had missed.

Buoy’s temperament is great with people, children and other dogs.

At the UK Chesapeake Club’s show in 2016, under USA Chesapeake expert Dyane Baldwin, Buoy won Best Puppy in Show, Reserve Best in Show and Reserve CC.

Dyane’s critique states:  “A beautifully balanced young male with a good coat who carries himself proudly on the move. He has the so desirable balance of angulation, a short loin, and his bone fits him. Lovely headed dog with the proper ear set and shape. A smooth neck into shoulders and nicely sprung ribs complete the package.”

Buoy gained his Show Champion title in 2018. His show record to date includes three CCs and five reserve CCs.

  • Hips 3-2
  • Elbows 0-1
  • Genetically clear for PRA
  • Genetically clear for DM
Buoy's pedigree