Briorah Colby at Arnac (Blue) is a beautiful blue roan working cocker, line bred to FT Ch Regulusknowe Gold of Maesydderwen

Blue, like most working cockers, is a whirlwind of energy when out picking up. Wherever a wounded or dead bird is, he will go to get it. If that means flying off the side of the South Downs or breaking his leg whilst going at top speed over a badger sett, then Blue is going to do it !  My vet bills have gone through the roof since gaining this little chap!

Working as part of the picking up team, he compliments the Chesapeakes and only takes up a small amount of room in the back of the landrover, sitting on the side, squashed between a pack of Chesapeakes and Labradors. He is a great gamefinder who has to be rationed on busy days  or he will carry on until he drops.

His other life is very much as a lapdog and he is spoilt rotten in the house. A great character and a totally loving little dog.